Black Bag

Medical Services

Emergency Medical Physician-Directed Care

Black Bag offers physician-directed care and advice concerning emergency treatment options, hospitalization, and evacuation. Consults are provided by Dr. Chris Sidford and his hand-picked team of experienced, board-certified emergency medical doctors who have a comprehensive understanding of your health history.

Black Bag quickly assesses the illness severity of our clients, evaluates the local facility’s capabilities and physicians, and determines whether evacuation is necessary. If so, we immediately arrange the medical and logistical requirements for a safe evacuation.

Remote Site Medical Evaluation

Black Bag ensures its clients are equipped with destination medical information and guidelines, including how to reach English-speaking international specialty hospitals where available. Locations and access information for the regional trauma, stroke, and heart centers are equally important. We research what medical information you need to know before you leave your home or business.

Specialty and Second Opinion Expert Search

Navigating the health care system is difficult, at best. Black Bag helps clients interpret vexing medical information and treatment options. Together, we identify the second opinion or top experts that our clients require. Determining your specific needs, and getting them met, will help avoid evaluation and treatment delays.

CPR, AED, and Basic First Aid Instruction

Family members and house staff are usually the first to recognize illnesses and injuries in the home. Their education and training can mean the difference between life and death during a medical emergency. Black Bag conducts CPR training, automatic defibrillator use, and basic first aid instruction for our clients, their families, and staff. Our training not only provides a transfer of medical information and skills, but also develops a cohesive response to home emergencies. This approach includes continuous access to a Black Bag emergency medical physician throughout your emergency.

Travel and Remote Residence Medical Kits

Black Bag clients carry individualized medical kits specific to their medical needs and travel habits. The kit contains simple over-the-counter medications, as well as prescription medications for common travel illnesses and infections. Where local medical care is inadequate, or simply unavailable, physician-directed use of your Black Bag kit can salvage your trip, and possibly avoid a more acute medical emergency. We also provide expanded medical kits for remote homes accessible only by plane or boat.

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