Black Bag


How much do you charge?

We have pricing options for individuals, families, corporations, and government-sponsored or non-profit organizations. Please call Dr. Chris Sidford at 978-518-3203, or email him at, for pricing.

Does Black Bag replace my regular physician?

Black Bag is not a substitute for your primary care physician or specialists. Rather, we work with your current medical team to make sure you have access to a qualified medical doctor in the middle of the night, or when you are in a location where your medical team can’t reach you. Think of us as an extended safety net for you and your family.

Do you make house calls or meet me in the emergency room?

We do not make routine house calls. However, we will provide onsite training for you, your family, and your personal staff. Training includes CPR, first aid instruction, and automatic defibrillator use.

Why do you require clients to visit a travel clinic? Isn’t that what you do?

Travel Medicine is a specialty that requires years of experience to make accurate and current medication and vaccine recommendations. While we have extensive experience in this area, we enlist travel medicine experts closest to your proximity to provide these evaluations. Visits should be made at least six months in advance of any international travel.

What if I need to be evacuated? Will Black Bag come get me?

Rest assured, Black Bag will handle all the details for a safe medical evacuation. We arrange evacuations through an evacuation organization that specializes in medical evacuations for your location. We do not routinely accompany these flights as these organizations staff their own medical aircraft. Evacuations can occur as quickly as six hours or take as long as two to three days. Many factors are considered in the evacuation process, including your medical condition, weather, and hospital bed availability.

Will my insurance company pay for Black Bag services?

Our services are not covered by healthcare insurance. However, vaccinations for diseases that occur in the United States, such as Hepatitis A, are usually covered. Please check with your health insurance provider.

Can you tell my other doctors what to do?

We offer you advice and explanation of the medical treatments that you may receive in local or international medical facilities. If we are concerned with the treatment or lack of treatment, we will advise you regarding options that you should discuss with the treating healthcare team. With your permission, we are happy to discuss your treatment directly with your physician, but cannot guarantee affecting your treatment.

Does Black Bag have a network of doctors? Who answers the phone when I call?

Clients deal directly with Dr. Chris Sidford in all medical matters. He, in turn, may involve other physicians, or physician networks and hospitals, to coordinate your care, review options, or investigate prior treatment choices. In the event Dr. Sidford is temporarily unavailable, you will speak with one of Dr. Sidford’s peers, hand selected to be available as backup.

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